About Us

Our Founders

Pastor Thomas and Mrs Thomas Headquartered in Chennai, South India, HBS has at its helm a seasoned full-time servant of God, Pastor Thomas who spearheads a small, yet vibrant team of youngsters in putting together a theme and curriculum for children community, year after year. In the short span of time, HBS has successfully rolled out more than 7 Batches reaching half a million children cutting across many districts of Tamil Nadu.

Our Mission

To save the upcoming generation!
Jesus asked Peter not only feed the sheep, but also lambs ( John 21:15,16,17). If sheep can be construed as elders, then lambs are the little children indeed. Any Bible Based Church should have a concrete and comprehensive teaching programme for its children. What was started for their own flock become a full-fledged Children Ministry extending to many congregations.

Our Vision

The vision of HBS is two-fold:
(1) To feed the lambs in the fold (Reaching Children in Church Community)
(2) To bring the lambs into the fold (Reaching Unsaved Children) Through its annual programs it aims to touch the children who are unfamiliar to Jesus, with His Love Story and strengthen the ones inside church community with the Truth of Jesus. Parents and elders who witness transformation in the life of children are in turn moved to give their hearts to Jesus. We welcome to this HBS – Holiday Bible School Primary Section in Jesus name!

Why We Are Different

Holiday Bible School (HBS), a wing of Disciple of Jesus Ministries was birthed with a vision to take the Gospel of Jesus to seeking kids, teens and youth in a format that provides biblical insights to life’s lofty issues in a lucid manner. The contextual approach of HBS helps the learner to grasp the teachings Jesus in an easier way and also apply the same to his/her day to day living. HBS employs a variety of traditional and modern tools in its outreach including Skits, Action Songs, Role-plays, and Interactive Quiz to communicate the truth.

Our Story

The efforts put into preparation and briefing ensured that everyone knew exactly what to do on the first day. Some of the younger helpers were themselves HBS students not too long ago! I am reminded of Proverbs 22:6, “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” During the year 2020, when gatherings were banned as part of Covid 19 lockdown measures, HBS came out with a novel idea of launching an Online HBS to cater to the needs of the children in the Body of Christ. This was well acclaimed and nearly… children were blessed by it.